Sailing Holiday aboard a Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Yacht or  Boat

Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat

Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat Operate from a strategic location that affords you an amazing sailing Indonesian Holiday charter. Rent a Boat when visiting Indonesia. We maximize your relaxing adventure experience by renting you a Boat or Yacht Charter because our location is the closest to the cruising region of Indonesia. Lombok’s Gili islands. Bali, in south East Asia has no islands is surounded by dangerours reefs and rough seas where as  a Sailing Holiday with a Luxury Indonesia Yacht Charter Rent a Boat's location is the best in Asia. Lombok's Marina Del Ray Bay on Gili Gede with its surrounding 26 pristine islands is just a short 2 hour ferry ride from Bali. It is the best place to rent a Dive Boat Sailing Yacht or Fishing Charter for your next Indonesia Holiday Sailing Yacht experience. We are much closer to Sumbawa Flores and Komodo. Included in your sailing package is a 2 hour fast boat ride to the Famous Gili islands. On arrival you will witness pristine deserted white sand beaches, Turquise waters and a coral reef system comparable to the Whitesundays in Australia surrounded by a vast Mountain range that protects its pristine waters from rough 12 months year round sailing  conditions. Indonesian Yacht Charter location provides the perfect winds to Rent a Boat and go on a sailing Holiday to Secluded breath taking relaxing anchorages. The secret to our success is we operate the only Gili Gede Ferry boat to the region. Operated by Indonesian Yacht Charter we Fast Boat Hire direct from Bali via Nusa Lembongan in 2 hours to Marina Del Ray Gili Gede Lombok. Known as the "Maldives of Indonesia" minutes from Desert Point via Nusa Lembongan, known for its excellent diving and aptly named world class surf breaks, Ship wrecks, Lacerations and Crystal Bay.

Heading due east we transfer our Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat guest with the only ferry boat from Bali to the Gili’s on Lombok.

In two hours we have you safely arriving at our resort location at Marina Del Ray to begin your Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat.

Located amongst the best of Asia’s islands dubbed, “Maldives of Indonesia” where your Indonesian Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat begins. Gili Gede is part of an archipelago of 13 pristine specs of Solitude that are to this day largely uninhabited and not known as the newest Tourism destination in Asia. Compared with overcrowded places like Flores and Komodo.  Our Marina Del Ray Resort island paradise is perfect as a cruising ground much like the famous Whitsunday’s of Australia, the Caribbean or parts of the Mediterranean and Thailand. Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat will shows our customers, pristine coral reefs, Turquoise water and white sandy deserted tropical islands and a hundred private anchorages to swim, dive, snorkel, and party the nights away. This is a year round location with perfect conditions and winds for sailing and a myriad of other action water sports such as Surfing, Kite surfing, Stand up Paddle boarding, canoeing, Skiing, wake boarding, hiking the amazing  mountains and discovering the breath taking south coast of Lombok, compared with the best beaches in Australia. Breath Taking Bays, amazing sunsets over a Horizon set as a backdrop to the 3000 meter Volcano of Rinjani and Bali’s Mount Agung that silhouette over the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Let your Sailing Holiday Indonesia yacht Charter Rent a Boat begins by booking now.

Welcome aboard Fair Winds Raymond La Fontaine Captain of the only Indonesian Yacht Charter Rent a Boat service.


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