Cruising Adventure 11Day/-10Night

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Explore the islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo Marine National Park and Flores.  This adventure sail is packed with the lot, surfing, sailing, diving and coming face to face with the Komodo Dragon.
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    Departing 9am from Serangan Harbour for Gili Gede, SW Lombok. On route we will call into Nusa Lembongan, here you will find the great waves of Lacerations, Playground and Shipwrecks. Enjoy your lunch pack whilst we continue in the fast boat to Gili Gede. Gili Gede is the largest island and provides a range of activities such as hiking to the hills in the centre for fantastic views across the other islands, exploring deserted beaches and hidden coves and meeting the people living on the island who are very friendly and, as yet, unspoilt by tourism. Just 15mins by fast boat is the world famous Bangko Bangko (Desert Point), enjoy a late afternoon surf as the sun sets over Mount Agung, Bali.Back to the boat for a hearty dinner and a few drinks whilst you reflect on your first day.
    Day 2: A refreshing swim before breakfast and before we pull up anchor and undertake our 4 hour sail up to Gili Trawangan. Lunch will be served on board and this is a great time to lie on deck & relax whilst you sun bake and take in the calm of the ocean. Gili Trawangan is known to be a party island as well as offering good snorkeling, lovely white beaches and a great sunset off the north west of the island. Many café/bars to tempt you or bean bags to kill time. There is a good right hand wave off the southern part of the island, given good swell it really works. On Gili Trawangan you can swim, snorkel, tour the small island by bicycle, or go horse riding. There is a chance to dive here if you would like.
    We depart for Moyo Island before sunset and cruise all night. Dinner will be served under sail and the dazzling stars.We arrive at Moyo as the sun rises. Moyo is quite a large island with virtually no roads. It has abundant clear water and has a large nature reserve. We moor off shore from a small village and walk through the villagers’ farms and fields to a forest path leading to a lovely clear river pool with quite a large waterfall.