One Day Sailing Charter

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$950.00Sale Price
Discovering the "Maldives of Indonesia" the Gili islands of Lombok in a Day
Discover the Secret Gili Islands sailing Holiday Indonesia
A lovely sailing introduction to the South West Gili Islands, the secret islands of Lombok. Anchoring off remote white sandy beaches where coral is bright and gloriously undamaged and colourful fish are plentiful.
WE offer pick up from Gili Trawangan Meno and Air by Yacht, we sail around these islands or sail to Gili Gede Gili Nangu or Sudak which are 25 miles south of Gili Trawangan.

Depart Lombok $950.00 USD this price is based on 10 Pax. We charge an additional $80 Per person over 10 guests per head.
This price is based on pick up and drop of in Lombok mainland or the islands.
From Bali you can Hire our fast Boat for the day to take you to one of Lomboks islands on the west coast where your yacht will be waiting to take you on Days Sailing around either the southern islands of Gili Gede or Gili Trawanggan in the North.
Depart Bali Return (Fast Boat Hire only) Max 10 PAX $1500.00 USD
8am – Depart from Serangan Harbour, Bali Via Gili Gede Fast Boat.
11am – Arrive and board our boat, anchor up and hoist the sails en route to Gili Lantar, a deserted island surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. Enjoy a swim, walk around white sandy beach or sun bake and relax. Enjoy a sumptuous Lunch on a deserted white sandy beach.
12pm - Up anchor for 3 secret treasures in the sea Gili Renngitt, Layar and Asahan or Trawanggan Meno or Air.

We will spend the afternoon here as this offers the chance to snorkel the abundant coral reefs that lay just below the surface waiting to be explored, filled with thousands of brightly coloured tropical fish, huge sprawling blue starfish and magical turtles gently gliding through the water. The beaches are lined with shells washed up by the tide and the temptation to take home these pretty souvenirs is irresistible. A day spent playing in the water, snorkelling above the colourful coral.