Surf  & Sail 7 Nights Lombok

Surf & Sail 7 Nights Lombok

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Floating in the sparkling turquoise waters just off the southwest coast are 13 small islands called the Southwest Gilis. 
The Southwest Gilis are largely uninhabited and have yet to be discovered by most travellers, offering pristine white
sandy beaches, sparkling turquoise water and an abundant underwater world…thus we call them
“the Maldives of Indonesia”.
Pass them by north to Party Gili Trawangan Meno and air and then slip away on a nights sail across the top of Lombok's north coast and witness Mt Rinjani then anchor on pristine Alice islands before crossing the Sumba Straight to Sumbawa and then return before the wind and the spectactular south Coast of Lombok.
Ideal shared between 6 Pax sharing 3 spearte double Cabins.
Surf Lombok and Sumbawa. Scuba Diving Extra and can be arranged.
We surf Sumbawa, the south Coast of Lombok, Desert Point, Sengiggi Reef and the Gili's
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    Departing 9am from Serangan Harbour to Gili Gede.
    Lunch on board, before heading off to snorkel the deserted island of Gili Asahan. Gili Gede is the largest island and provides a range of activities such as hiking to the hills in the centre for fantastic views across the other islands, exploring deserted beaches and hidden coves and meeting the people living on the island who are very friendly and, as yet, unspoilt by tourism. Enjoy sunset followed by dinner on Basilea.Start your day with a beautiful swim in the crystal, turquoise waters before enjoying a sumptuous morning breakfast.
    Short sail to Gili Lontar, a beautiful uninhabited sandy island that is surrounded by plentiful reef and turquoise waters. Enjoy snorkeling before lunch.
    Anchor up and hoist the sails for a short sail and overnight off Gili Nanggu
    Swim ashore to the soft white sand of Gili Nanggu for a morning walk around the island. Breakfast will be served on your return onboard.
    If you would like to do some more snorkeling before we set sail now is the time.
    Anchoring just off Cocotinos Resort in Sekotong. Fronting the resort is a glorious white sand beach which spans over 300m and a private cove. We will stop here for lunch and if you would like to book in for a massage, Laleina spa on the waterfront is a must.
    Sunset drinks & canapés on board Basilea, some more swimming before a spectacular dinner is served.
    Day 4: Morning swim, before hoisting the sails and sailing to the 3 secret treasures in
    the sea Gili Renngitt, Layar and Asahan. Try your luck at fishing or just sit back and
    enjoy the beautiful sail.
    We will spend the day here as this offers the chance to snorkel the abundant coral reefs that lay just below the surface waiting to be explored, filled with thousands of brightly coloured tropical fish, huge sprawling blue starfish and magical turtles gently gliding through the water. The beaches are lined with shells washed up by the tide and the temptation.