This region of Indonesia should not be overlooked and considered carefully and value for money compared with say the Mentawais.
Lombok and Sumbawa Adventure Sail – 8Day/7Night sailing Holiday Indonesia Total Charter Package $10500.00.

OUR home Break is Desert Point. There is always a wave in Lombok, we are with 15 Miles of 10 Year round Surf Breaks, a Mixture of Rights and LEFTS. The south Coast of Lombok has amazing Surf, EKAS BAY is deserted, we don't have the crowds of the MENTAWAIS, NUSA LOMBOGGAN is ONLY 25 MILES AWAY, we have a few SECRET SPOTS AND SUMBAWA HAS SCARE REEF AND YOYO"S its only 30 Miles AWAY, its all doable!

You can also choose to fly direct, domestic or internationally to Lombok International airport, which is only a 60 minute Taxi ride away from our Marina. We operate a SPEED BOAT as well, its fast comfortable 14 meter 500 HP Ocean going Power boat.  Surfers and guests alike should keep in mind that on route to Gili Gede.  We travel past Nusa Lemboggan where great surf breaks such as: Ship Wrecks, Lacerations & Playgrounds are.  

We own and operate, our ferry company organizes your pick up in Bali and in just 90 minutes you safely arrive at on the island of Gili Gede on the South West Coast of Lombok where your Indonesian Yacht Charter begins.

Best Time: January to December sailing Holiday Indonesia

Our 8 day 5 night Indonesian yacht charter allows you time to clockwise, circumnavigate Lombok island and visit the northern Gili islands and the West coast of Sumbawa before returning with the prevailing winds along the breath taking south coast. This is ideal for surfers as well, as we pass surf breaks such as Sengiggi, Gili Trawangan, Scare reef, Yo Yo’s, Super sucks, Ekas Bay, Sereweh, Ampang, Grupuk Bay, Kuta, Maui, Selong Belanak, Belongas, Makarki and Desert Point, just to name a few. All these bays have tremendous diving and offer secluded anchorages un-crowded waves for all standards of surfing alike. Raymond La Fontaine has worked as a Charter Captain in the Mentawais, Sumatra, Phuket Thailand and the Whitsunday’s Australia the past 20 years. He is an accomplished professional sailor with 3 decades of experience, representing Australia in world class Blue Water yacht races such as the Sydney to Hobart, he is qualified master, sailing teacher, water man, surf, dive and kite surf instructor. He is the principal owner of Marina Del Ray, recognizing the supreme cruising grounds on offer in Lombok Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores. In 2011, Raymond began development of the Lombok Marina due to the fact that Bali offered no areas safe enough for sailing as the island is surrounded in surf reefs. He has surfed and dived around Lombok and Sumbawa for 15 years. He moved his operation from the Mentawais due to too many charter boats and crowded waves and an anchorage, recognizing that Bali had no surf anchorages, yet Bali was cheap and easy to get to than Sumatra and Lombok being only 50 miles away from Bali he purchased Gili Gede Fast Boat. Depending on our guests interests, whether it be just a relaxing sailing holiday in the sun around deserted pristine bays, honey moons, reunions of old friends, diving, fishing, kite surfing or dedicated surf charter, Indonesian Yacht charter has all the experience and equipment necessary to make your next Holiday in Asia a lifetime event you will never forget. sailing Holiday Indonesia.