Rent a Yacht, Catamaran or Power Boat with Indonesian Yacht Charter and experience Indonesia’s only locally owned and operated yacht charter specialists experience the islands of Indonesia on your next Holiday to Bali or Lombok.

Book your own private sailing yacht, Catamaran or Private High speed fast boat from Bali and discover the famous Gili’s islands like Trawanggan, Meno and Air.

Visit the latest destination in Asia the  incredible “Maldives of Indonesia” We operate from Marina Del Ray on the island of Gili Gede which is surrounded by 13 Pristine Southern Gili islands like Gili Ringet, Sudak, Nanggu, Lonta, Layar, Ashan, or world famous surf break of Desert Point.

Take a cruise and live aboard one of our Luxurious Yachts and sail away to Paradise, discover Lombok, Sumbawa Komodo or Flores. Let Indonesia Yacht Charter Taylor make a holiday cruise of a life time and discover the real Indonesia, the last undiscovered paradise in the world.

SAILING Guide to Lombok sailing Holiday Indonesia Best Times: March - December.

There are 26 islands that surround Lombok’s Coast providing ample protection and ideal deserted Bays in which to relax and unwind and enjoy breathtaking scenery, hiking, adventure and water sports such as Surfing, Snorkeling, Diving, Spear Fishing, Skiing, Kite Boarding and Sailing. Bali on sailing Holiday Indonesia the other hand has no suitable bays nor anchorages in which to enjoy as it is well known for its fringing reef system which make it known for its surf, on the other hand Lombok sailing Holiday Indonesia provides secluded UN-crowded bays in which to anchor and also surf and enjoy. Lombok Coast land is surrounded by mountains and Ranges, Mount Rinjani, the second highest Volcano in Indonesia makes an impressive backdrop to a sunset from all sides of Lombok's Coast line. A Luxury charter typically means you way anchor the following morning at Gili Gede and sail 20 miles north to Gili Trawanggan, Meno and Gili Air. We encourage you to enjoy exploring these islands, particularly Gili Trawanggan, known for its 5 star resorts, bars and restaurants and excellent diving and snorkeling. Early the 3rd day, sailing Holiday Indonesia we sail along the north Coast to set anchor for the night between Gili Lawang &Gili Sulat. This anchorage has a pristine deserted bay that overlooks the sunset over Mt Rinjani. Your fourth days sees a beautiful sail south down the Sumbawa straight before turning west again along the south coast to Ekas Bay before anchoring the night. Various packages are available depending upon your interests  sailing Holiday Indonesia