About Moyo Island sailing Holiday Indonesia 



Price Inclusive of all Meals and Transfers for up to 6 Guets

$9000 USD or $250 Per Head Per Night! 

5 Night 6 Day Yacht Charter Circumnavigate Lombok and the Gili Islands and the North West Coast of Sumbawa and its outer islands.

Pulau Moyo (Moyo Island) is a small but is with its wealth of natural beauty a tremendous attraction and a mostly unknown world-class tourist destination. Some famous people like Lady Diana and Mick Jagger have visited this island for their holiday.

Moyo Island is located about 2,5 km north of the island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province and has a size of 330 square km, a shoreline of 88km and its highest point at 671 meters above sea level.

Moyo Island offers a stunning unique nature with beautiful beaches and clear blue sea and is popular with domestic as well as foreign tourists looking for peace and a quiet place to spend their holidays. The island is still pristine and still many animals live here in their natural habitat, such as butterflies which can be seen flying behind the bushes trees and in the savannah. As many as 86 species of birds live on the island, including parrots and 21 species of bats, macaques, pigs deer and snakes. To keep the island intact, visitors are urged to use a guide while tracking on the island.

There are numerous waterfalls, rivers and stretches of jungle still untouched. You can go hiking in the woods, along the streams and rivers and in caves. One of them is close to the Ai Manis beach and can be reached by climbing the cliff. The cave is filled with hundreds of bats. A nice waterfall, the Air Terjun Brang Rea, is in the centre of the island and can be reached by a two hours trek from Labuhan Haji.

But you can also go off the island and see the underwater world near Moyo Island by diving or snorkeling. Almost the entire surroundings of the island are still intact and you can see beautiful corrals, sponges, crustaceans, small sharks (well, about two meters in length), eels, anemones, and even mantas. If you are lucky you can see a group of flying fish jumping out of the water. You can also go diving near the island Medang, west of Pulau Moyo. Moyo is a popular destination for yachts from Bali, Lombok and abroad. To the east is a tiny island, Pulau Satoda which has a salt water lake in the middle of the island.