Lombok and Sumbawa Adventure Sail – 8Day/7Night sailing Holiday Indonesia Total Charter Package $10500.00




An absolute adventure packed sailing cruise in the exotic areas of the Spice islands and West Nusa Tenggara.  Anchorages at remote islands in peaceful bays with white beaches and fantastic reefs.  Or surfing legendary waves including Desert Point, Scar Reef, Super Sucks, Yo-Yo’s and the breaks of Southern Lombok, the choice is endless.

Day 1:  Departing 9am from Serangan Harbour for Gili Gede, SW Lombok.

On route we will call into Nusa Lembongan, here you will find the great waves of Lacerations, Playground and Shipwrecks.  Enjoy your lunch pack whilst we continue in the fast boat to Gili Gede. Gili Gede is the largest island and provides a range of activities such as hiking to the hills in the centre for fantastic views across the other islands, exploring deserted beaches and hidden coves and meeting the people living on the island who are very friendly and, as yet, unspoilt by tourism. Just 15mins by fast boat is the world famous Bangko Bangko (Desert Point), enjoy a late afternoon surf as the sun sets over Mount Agung, Bali.

Back to the boat for a hearty dinner and a few drinks whilst you reflect on your first day.

Day 2:  A refreshing swim before breakfast and before we pull up anchor and undertake our 4 hour sail up to Gili Trawangan. 

Lunch will be served on board and this is a great time to lie on deck & relax whilst you sun bake and take in the calm of the ocean.

Gili Trawangan is known to be a party island as well as offering good snorkeling, lovely white beaches & a great sunset off the north west of the island.  Many café/bars to tempt you or bean bags to kill time.  There is a good right hand wave off the southern part of the island, given good swell it really works. If you chose you can stay ashore & take in this island, or come back on board for dinner before we take you ashore for the nightlife of Gili T.

Day 3:  We will get underway early, as today is a long days sail.  Breakfast and lunch will be served on board and it will be late afternoon before we pull into a calm anchorage in Pulau Lawang.  This long sail offers the opportunity to cast a line and try your fishing skills.

You will be keen for a swim once we anchor.  The crew will prepare dinner, maybe you will be enjoying that fish you caught today.

Day 4:  An early morning departure, as we set sail to Scar Reef.  On waking we will be anchored in this pristine bay and you will be ready to tackle the great Scar Reef wave.  Following your surf enjoy a well needed breakfast. Scar Reef is a long, fast, hollow reef break.  Scar Reef breaks best at low tide. Rides are usually 150 - 200 meters long. Scar Reef is a swell magnet and is usually twice the size of Supersuck. The average swell size here is 12 - 18 foot faces, and Scar Reef can hold up to 24 foot faces. Scar has a large hollow tubing section that can be back-doored offering large barrels, at times similar to Pipeline.

We will pull up anchor and set off for Supersucks.  Snacks and lunch can be taken at your leisure, as today is a day for surfing. Supersuck is an extremely fast, hollow left that offers up to 300 meter long rides.

Swells wrap around the headland and hit the shallow reef creating 100 - 150 meter tubing sections. Many 12 - 15 second barrels can be had here, and there are reports of tube rides lasting 20 seconds. You are sure to get the best barrels of your life here! 

Supersuck is also an extremely well groomed wave. During the prime surf season of April through October, the prevailing winds come straight out of the valley and blow directly offshore. This, along with the protecting headland, creates some of the cleanest waves in the world.  Supersuck handles up to 10 - 15 foot faces. Pull up anchor and sail a short distance to Yo-yos.  A late afternoon surf if you still have the energy.

Yo-yos is reliable and consistent - the Sumbawan swell magnet. It's less hollow and easier to ride than Supersuck or Scars, but still offers fast, fun and powerful rides from 50m - 150m long. Yo-yos works on any tide.sailing Holiday Indonesia

Day 5:  Morning surf Yo Yo’s, before departing for lunch time surf in Ekas Bay & overnight.Inside Ekas is best known as a left and right hand peak (see the Indo Surfing Guide) which breaks in medium and large swells. The right is a high quality wave, particularly on low tide, suitable for advanced surfers. The left winds down the reef at high tide, a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer who wants a classic long ride. Both short and long boards are suitable on the left. The ride is longer at Ekas, but the left wave is like the well-known Grupuk peak, which has attracted many surfers from all over the world.

Outside Ekas, a solid left break, is best on high tide in large swells when a very long, heavy wave peels over 400-500 m down the reef and barrels in sections. The square take-off jacks up into a thick lip, over deep reef. Outsides also works when the swell is smaller, particularly around mid tide … a bit peaky at times, but still heaps of fun with some power in the waves. A beautiful calm anchorage, a few beers and sumptuous dinner to reflect on a great days surfing.

Day 6:  Morning surf Ekas Bay, then we will pull up anchor for a short sail to Belongas Bay.  We will spend the day & night here.

Belongas Bay is a scenic bay which is home to two very decent waves. To the West there is a short punchy right-hander and to the East, a longer, hollower left. Both provide fun waves for the intermediate surfer and above.  This is a fairly typical Indo reef break. Nice and consistent with powerful long rides when the swell picks up.  This spot picks up heaps of swell and is one of the most beautiful places along this southern Lombok coast to surf. 

Day 7:  An early morning surf and breakfast before we set off back to Marina Del Ray, Gili Gede.  This is a scenic sail, with the rugged cliffs along the coast keeping our course.  Lunch will be served along the sail back. Late afternoon we will arrive back in Gili Gede.  If Desert Point is beckoning we will take the fast boat around for a late surf.  Taking in the sunset whilst you enjoy a cold beer, no doubt you will have time to reflect on a great weeks surfing.  BBQ dinner on the beach. Day 8:  Wake to a glorious morning, before enjoy your breakfast.

Just a short boat ride from Gili Gede, is a beautiful white sandy island with pristine turquoise water and an abundant underwater sea life.  Enjoy a mornings snorkel, spear fish or dive. Around lunch time we will board the fast boat and make our way back to Bali.  If Desert Point is working we will pull in here, otherwise we will call into Nusa Lembonan for your final surf. Arrive back into Serangan Harbour, Bali around 4pm.

This itinerary is a guide only, your cruise director will work with you to design an itinerary that fulfills your expectations.sailing Holiday Indonesia